NEXT MEETING IS: Coming Soon.  IRB Approval is in for our Athletes Study!  Click Here to see the recruitment info. THANK YOU to all our amazing Volunteers, Sponsors, Speakers, and Attendees for an amazing MJ for MDs 2018 conference!


About Us

CCC is a Colorado non-profit professional society dedicated to supporting the courageous people working with Colorado cannabis patients.

Member resources include:

Best Practice Standards for Physicians, Caregivers, and Dispensaries

Monthly meetings featuring accredited Continuing Education

Case Reports on cannabis patient treatments

Networking for researchers and clinicians

Links to Society of Cannabis Clinicians and other databases

Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference






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Our Mission
Furthering cannabis medicine through education, research, best practices, and compassion for our patients.


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Meeting Announcement

Next meeting TUESDAY July 24th, 2018

Plaza Building Room M203,  Auraria Campus, 955 Lawrence Way, Denver CO

Meeting 6:30-8:30pm


6:30-6:45pm  Snacks and networking

6:45-7:00pm  What’s up with the CBD as a Supplement in Retired Pro Athletes Study?

7:00 – 8:00pm Guest Speakers: Brian Tobias and Vivienne Belmont of the Colorado Dept of Regulatory Agencies.  Part one: representatives of our Benevolent Overlords DORA walk us through the Sunset Review process. Part two: Where we tell them our thoughts on DORA’s Sunset Review of state medical marijuana laws.  DORA wants our input. Really!

Discussion to follow

8:00-8:30pm  Seriously people, calm down about combining med and rec. It’s good for us.  Think about it: ONE license for a dispensary. ONE grow with tested meds. ONE door to walk through.  TWO sets of pricing and carry limits, depending on your patient status.    All those Rec Only counties would suddenly offer access to medical marijuana patients. It’s a win.

8:30pm  Adjourn