NEXT MEETING IS:  MARCH 26, 2019 at the Plaza Building, Auraria Campus, Denver.  6:30-8:30pm  Meet & Greet with Jill Hunsaker Ryan, the new director of CDPHE.  A new face and fresh ideas at the top – let’s see how CDPHE and CCC can to work together to keep Colorado healthy and happy. Deputy director Karin McGowan will help answer questions.  Encore presentation: due to AV failure (don’t worry – we bought some new converters) Fabulous Guest Speaker Dorothy Colagiovanni PhD is back for an encore on pharmacokinetics of cannabis nasal sprays.  And a word from our sponsor, acupuncturist and MSOM Erika Wiech of Conscious Medz. Join us!

Video from the break-out room at the MJ for MDs 2018 conference is now available. These are non-CME lectures, so they may contain commercial content.  Find them on our channel.


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CCC is a Colorado non-profit professional society dedicated to supporting the courageous people working with Colorado cannabis patients.

Member resources include:

Best Practice Standards for Physicians, Caregivers, and Dispensaries

Monthly meetings featuring accredited Continuing Education

Case Reports on cannabis patient treatments

Networking for researchers and clinicians

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Our Mission
Furthering cannabis medicine through education, research, best practices, and compassion for our patients.


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Meeting Announcement

Next meeting TUESDAY March 26th, 2019

Plaza Building Room M203,  Auraria Campus, 955 Lawrence Way, Denver CO

Meeting 6:30-8:30pm


6:30-6:45pm  Snacks and networking

6:45-7:00pm  Legislative update:  On March 12th I will testify yet again before the legislature on our plan to combine med and rec to increase access for patients. Wish me luck! The Medical Practice Act hearing did not go well for our heroine.

7:00 – 7:30pm  Meet & Greet with CDPHE director Jill Hunsaker Ryan and deputy director Karin McGowan.  We sent them your questions from the Feb 26th meeting. Find out what’s up with our issues and start a dialogue.

Also, BBVA Compass Bank has a new way for you to support CCC! Open an account at Compass Bank and CCC gets $50.  Go to for more.  Affinity name HCU Education Ltd code 141119

7:30 – 8:30pm Guest Speaker:  Fabulous Guest Speaker Dorothy Colagiovanni PhD on cannabis nasal sprays.  Why and how they work and how to use them! And a word from our sponsor Erika Weich of Conscious Medz

8:00-8:30pm   Discussion to follow

8:30pm  Adjourn