NEXT MEETING IS:  MAY 21, 2019 at the Plaza Building, Auraria Campus, Denver.  6:30-8:30pm  Legislative Update! With Cindy Sovine – what happened in this year’s legislative session that affects medical marijuana doctors and patients.  Fabulous Guest Speaker Rav Iver DO, live in -person speaking on Cannabis and Chronic Pain. (Cannabis and Sexuality speaker Martha Rosenthal PhD will be rescheduled soon. I promise.) And a word from our sponsor, Sylvia Pearlman of Endourage. Join us!

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Video from the break-out room at the MJ for MDs 2018 conference is now available. These are non-CME lectures, so they may contain commercial content.  Find them on our channel.


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CCC is a Colorado non-profit professional society dedicated to supporting the courageous people working with Colorado cannabis patients.

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Our Mission
Furthering cannabis medicine through education, research, best practices, and compassion for our patients.


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Meeting Announcement

Next meeting TUESDAY March 26th, 2019

Plaza Building Room M203,  Auraria Campus, 955 Lawrence Way, Denver CO

Meeting 6:30-8:30pm


6:30-6:45pm  Snacks and networking

6:45-7:00pm  Legislative update:  Cindy Sovine and Melanie Rose Rodgers give us the skinny on legislative actions affecting patients and clinicians. Better them than me, because for the most part, I failed on Capitol Hill this year.

7:00 – 8:00 pm Guest Speaker:  Fabulous Guest Speaker Rav Ivker DO on Cannabis and Chronic Pain.  Learn how an experienced doctor approaches the most common symptoms with cannabis.

Word from our sponsor, Endourage – learn about products & stuff with Sylvia Pearlman.

8:00-8:30pm   Discussion to follow

8:30pm  Adjourn