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TUESDAY April 3rd, 2018 Plaza Building Room M203, Auraria Campus, 955 Lawrence Way 6:30pm.

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Topics:  Web Marketing Safety: Healthy Choices Unlimited was investigated by DORA for bad information listed on a 3rd party website.  How do we market online safely?

Colorado Board of Health Meeting March 21, 2018 – Did YOU read the 34-page document sent to Stakeholders by Natalie Riggins earlier this month?  I did!  Read our comments resisting suggested language changes that would suddenly force patients to have two doctor visits for medical marijuana recommendations are Here CDPHE-BoardOfHealth-March21-2018-CCC-Comment

I got let down by a volunteer. Sigh.  And so we cannot publish Are You Impaired? Research Day results until we resolve an IRB filing issue. Working on that so that we can have our own IRB!  Help out by reviewing our CBD as a Supplement in Retired Pro Athletes protocol.  Guest Speaker:  Hervé Damas MD, former NFL player turned cannabis physician walks us through the rationale behind this pilot study.

Several things we are involved in kicking around the current legislative session.   HB 18-0619.01  This house bill is to set “medical equivalency” for an ounce of cannabis flower to an equivalent amount of concentrate.  Hopefully, we can also use this bill to define the meaning of the medical “ounce count” and protect physicians and patients from uneven law enforcement based on multiple interpretations of the Colorado Medical Marijuana Amendment.

And much more – see you then.

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SAVE THE DATE:  October 14-16, 2018 the Marijuana for Medical Professionals 2018 conference is coming!

THE VIDEO IS ONLINE from Marijuana for Medical Professionals 2016 conference!  Http://LearnGreenFlower.com  If you attended the conference and still have not received you free viewing code, email me at mjformds@gmail.com. Business member and Plus members also get free codes.  So make sure your membership is CURRENT.  Also, if you want copies of the new CCC Medical Marijuana New Patient Success Guide – come to the meeting. We will have them there.